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Fishing report from the Fisherman’s Wharf Marina

Open Boat Day–Jan. 1st–Fishing Out of Rudee’s Inlet, Virginia Beach

I’ve got New Year’s Day open so I’m offering it as an Open Boat Day fishing out of Virginia Beach for the big Stripers.  The cost will be $150 a person which will include the mate’s tip.  The only thing you would have to bring would be your lunch/beverage.  I am limiting the number of people to 10 and you would need to pay in advance to hold your spot.  If for some reason we are unable to fish I will refund your money.  I can’t think of any better way to bring in the New Year than to go fishing.  Happy Holidays!  Capt. David

December & January Fishing

Still have some weekdays in December open for the Bay charters leaving from Lottsburg & have weekdays & some weekends open for the January ocean fishing in Virginia Beach.  Email or call 804-529-6725  for available days.  The rates for both the Bay & Ocean charters are listed on my website.  For those fishing with me out of  Virginia Beach I can give you info on an oceanfront hotel that is giving a fishermen’s special that is well below the regular hotel rates.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dave


April 20, 2013–Striped Bass Opening Day

The Bay Quest is back from Virginia Beach.  This year in Virginia Beach proved to better for the large Stripers during the first week of the month.  We still caught fish everyday as the Spiney Dog Fish were plentiful and we could easily fill the large fish box.  Some large tuna were caught but we didn’t get that lucky this year but next year is coming!  I’ll start back fishing on April 20th so get your group together and reserve it now to be assured to get the day you want especially if you have to go on a Friday – Monday.  Thanks again for everyone who fished with us.  Jacob and I hope to see you again in the spring. Tight lines, Capt. David




Rockfish, Sharks, Tuna, & Whales

Sharks have been the name of the game this week.  We’ve been jigging using Ugly Stiks & light Penn reels to jig for Sharks and it’s been no problem to catch a barrel of them.  Those who have not eaten shark it’s a nice white meat fish.  The Rockfish have been harder to catch this week but we’ve snagged some most days.  Tuna have been caught all around me from 150 to 300 lbs. but I still haven’t gotten mine yet but it could be the next bite! The whale showing has been awesome and that alone is something to see. Bottle nosed dolphins are everywhere so if we’re not catching fish there  is still something going on around us to make you being on the ocean worthwhile.  The seas have been calm most days and the temps are above normal which means the fishing will continue to be good.  Still have some days open if you want to get in on the action. Give me a call this week and I’ll let you know what’s available.




Fantastic Start to 2013!

Levi with his Prom date--A 44 lb Striper!
New Year Day-1/1/13

We had a wonderful New Year’s Day fishing out of Rudee’s Inlet.  We had 14 Rockfish by noon.  The average length today was 40″ and one was a citation weighing 44 lbs and was 46″ long caught by a 10 year old named Levi Hylton.  Today’s charter was Levi’s gift from his two grandfathers who enjoyed watching him pull in his citation.



Sunday–Jan. 13th–Open Boat Out Of Virginia Beach

I am going to offer Sunday, January 13th, as an open boat. I will be leaving out of Rudee’s Inlet going for the large ocean Stripers and Tuna and the cost will be $150 per person.  That rate includes the mate’s tip–just bring your lunch and beverage.  By reservation only and must be paid in advance.  I also have some other weekend and weekdays open for a regular charter at $900 for 6 people and $100 for each person over 6.  I’m only going to be in Va. Beach during January so if you want to get in on the action call now and book your trip.  I have a couple of hotels that will give you reduced rates as low as $29/night if you are fishing with me. Home:  804-529-6725 Cell: 804-366-5050.

More Virginia Beach Photos

The Bay Quest is back home in Lottsburg.  Here’s some of the last photos.  Thanks everyone for fishing with me and I look forward to April 16th when I start a new charter season.  If you want to go Trophy Fishing which only lasts for 4 weeks beginning April 16th you should make plans now.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave