Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Floating Classroom

During the last two weeks the Bay Quest has been the floating classroom for the Environmental Science students from the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School.  The school is comprised of gifted and talented high school students from all of the surrounding counties who are primarily studying advanced math and science.  We took biological collections for educational purposes using a small otter trawl, shaft tongs, crab pot, and plankton nets.  They explored the role of the oyster in the Bay and its value as a filter for the water column and as a source of habitat for other organisms.  The life of the blue crab is highlighted followed by lab work collecting water quality data such as ph, salinity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen.  We pulled an otter trawl and caught a variety of fish.  We ended each day having a lot of fun rod and reel fishing.  It’s a wonderful experience for the students and I feel privileged to participate in their learning process.

Tough day fishing after Nor’easter.

Lenny playing a fish.

Lennie playing a fish.

Chumming at the Target Ship.
Chumming at the Target Ship.

This has been a rainy, windy week for fishing.  I did get out this weekend and we went Red Drum fishing across the bay.  I could find the slicks created by the Drum and tracked them as they fed up the bay but could not get one to bite.  We did catch Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish trolling.  We also tried chumming at the target ship and caught Bluefish and released undersized Sea Bass.  I enjoyed meeting a new customer, Lennie Ellis and friends.  Thanks for fishing with me and wish we could have hooked up those big Red Drum.  Hope to see you when the big Stripers arrive.



End of Day Portrait.   Nice Group of Anglers!
End of Day Portrait. Nice Group of Anglers!

Light Tackle Fishing

Sept 3, 2009 002Sept 3, 2009 003Sept 3, 2009 005Sept 3, 2009 010Sept 3, 2009 008This past week was a slow one for charters but not for catching fish.    Bill Johnson  and his group of buddies showed us how it’s done using light fishing tackle this past week.  We caught 7 different species(if you want to count seagulls too!).  We primarily caught rockfish and bluefish but also  we caught sea bass, flounder, oyster toads & a sucker fish all while chumming using Ugly Sticks and Penn 55SS spinning reels.  Look forward to seeing the group again when we start catching the bigger stripers.  Thanks for a good day.