Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Floating Classroom

For the past several years the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School has chartered the Bay Quest as a floating classroom for their Environmental Science students.  This is a dual credit college level class that is offered to high school Jrs. and Srs. going to the Governor’s School.  They cover a lot of material in a day including catching oysters — a keystone species of the Chesapeake Bay, discussing the life cycle of the blue crab, pulling an otter trawl,  and conducting water quality tests.  Their learning is made fun also as evidenced in the photos below.  This is a wonderful school for gifted students and I wish them all the best.

My Favorite Time Of The Year.

I have always personally enjoyed the fall.  With the cooler air temperatures and the water still warm it makes perfect conditions for watermen who make their living on the river.  It’s also good for anyone who enjoys fishing.  The fish are plentiful and there is still a variety so I can give my charters a choice so far as what species they want to target.  Some choose the excitement of trolling for the hook & release large red drum first thing and then after reeling in all they can stand, elect to switch over to troll for blues, stripers, Spanish mackerel, & croakers.  Other groups want to anchor and do nothing but chum because they enjoy using lite tackle and they end up with large quantities of fish (blues, stripers & croakers) to take home.  I also have some groups who want to stay in the river and bottomfish for the smaller pan fish (spot, croaker, & taylor blues). Whatever your choice, it’s still a good time to be had by all.  If you’re interested I have plenty of weekend and weekdays available after the next couple of weeks. Just give me a shout.

Don't think this is all they caught. They had plenty in the cooler to take home with them.