Open Boat Day is Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010

The Bay Quest’s next Open Boat day is Sunday, November 28th, leaving from Coan River Marina in Lottsburg at 6:30 a.m. for the larger Striped Bass (Rockfish).  Cost is $100 per person for a full day and includes the mate’s tip.  By reservation only and must be paid in advance. Call 804-529-6725 or email to make reservations.  You’ll enjoy a day of fishing and meeting new people.

More Striper News

Hope the National Association of Retired Federal Employees enjoyed their day of fishing as much as I enjoyed having them.  We jigged for over 70 stripers and kept 25.  After a day of fishing they were going to enjoy their catch with a fish fry.  Nice fresh Rockfish and good friends….can’t get any better!  Thanks again for fishing with me. 

Charter Fishing and Oystering

Catching lots of school size Stripers and the end of the season Bluefish.  Also there are quite a good number of small Trout being caught jigging.  That’s a good sign since they should be big enough to keep next year.  I get asked a lot what I do when I’m not fishing.  On the days I don’t have fishing charters this time of year, I am tonging oysters.  I have enclosed some photos below so you can see how it is done.  The oysters are in good shape and have a great flavor this year since we didn’t have a lot of rain.  It’s a lot of hard work and I would rather be fishing! 


November, December, and January are the prime times for the large Stripers.  We are catching the limits now (2 per person) of the smaller Stripers mixed in the other species but I know a lot of you want the “Big Boys” so I would recommend you getting your groups together now especially if you want a weekend.  I plan to move the boat down to Virginia Beach December 26 so the charters booked after Christmas will be leaving from Rudee’s Inlet.  I hope to be able to fish up until then from my homeport at Coan River Marina in Lottsburg but if they make a move on down the bay prior to Christmas I’ll follow them & will be leaving from various marinas on the way down to Virginia Beach (I always keep you informed as to where to meet me).  I haven’t gone up on my rates and they are listed on this website.  Last year due to the unusual cold and snow in Va. Beach the water cooled off too  quick making my Striper season in the ocean really short.  By the middle of January they had moved too far off shore.  That was an extreme year and usually  we have good fishing through January and in some years into February.  I am hoping since we are having a mild Fall & the water is so warm from the summer that this coming season will be a good long one again.  I have had people comment that they don’t like fishing in the cold but as those of you know who have fished with me during the winter that I have an enclosure I put in the boat and plenty of heat so it’s quite comfortable.   As always I strive to do my very best to give you a good day fishing.

As always Tight Lines,