Winter Fishing

I haven’t been able to get in much fishing between the wind howling, snow blowing, and the holidays.  I will relocate the boat to Virginia Beach the next calm day we have this week.  The fishing report down there hasn’t been very good but I won’t know what to advise until I try it later on this week.  I’ll keep everyone posted.  We caught the fish showing below at the Cell last week.

Friday, Jan. 7th — Va. Beach Open Boat Day

Friday, Jan. 7, 2011, will be an open boat day leaving from Rudee’s Inlet at 6:30 a.m.  The cost is $150 a person and will include the mate’s tip and must be paid in advance.  Call 804-529-6725 or email me as soon as possible if you want  me to hold a slot for you.  I can forward you info on Fishermen Specials at a couple of motels if you will need lodging also.  

Happy Holiday,

 Capt. David

The Fish Are On The Move

The Stripers are starting to move farther south.  I’m still in Lottsburg and have been getting my limit of mid-size fish but it’s likely I’ll have to relocate a little further south soon to Reedville or Horn Harbor.  I’ll let my booked charters know if I do make a move.    There have been some larger fish caught further south but you might fish all day for a few whereas what I have been doing is allowing more action and good catches. 

Jake Meadows, grandson of Joe Cross in Lottsburg, shows how it's done!
Ryan Fortune, Gray Saunders with Friends & Family
Pulling in two at a time is a lot of work!


Brian Loving(center) & friends. Brian has been a long-time customer. Thanks, Brian.

Still Some Days Available Before Season Ends

I  have some weekdays available during December leaving from Lottsburg before relocating to Va. Beach.  After Jan. 1st I have a few days still open leaving from Rudee’s Inlet also.  I’m trying to finalize my beach lodging and slip rent plans so if you want a day for the ocean fishing please let me know as soon as possible.  It’s hard to believe another fishing season is coming to an end.  Thanks again for your continued patronage. 

For those of you I won’t see, best wishes for a happy holiday season.