Striped Bass(Rockfish) have arrived!

I am commercial net fishing from my homeport in Lottsburg  now until the April 16th charter boat season begins.  I wanted to let everyone know that the striped bass arrived a couple of weeks ago and are big, stocky, and beautiful.  Here’s a photo my wife took yesterday when I arrived back at the dock with a 34 pounder.   Now that’s a handful of good eating!   I can’t wait until the season opens and we can start catching them with a rod & reel.  Contact me to see what dates are available if you are interested in catching some of these!  Capt. Dave

34 lb. Striped Bass

Questions about Maryland Spring Trophy Season?

I have gotten several emails and calls with concerns that the Maryland Trophy Season had been closed due to recent media coverage.  That only applied to the commercial fishermen using nets.  It doesn’t affect fishing on Charter boats and our season remains unchanged so we’ll be good to go!  Today’s warm temperatures has made me realize that spring is right around the corner and we’ll soon be cranking in fish again. Dave