Chesapeake Grab Bag.

This week we caught a little bit of everything…Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, Striped Bass, Bluefsh, White Perch, Spot, & Croaker.  The Red Drum are still here but today I couldn’t get them to bite even though they were slicking and showing up on the depth finder.  I had two disappointed young men onboard today who had hoped to land their first big fish.  Unfortunately, the fish must have felt the approaching cold front and storms as fishing was slow all around today.


Spanish Mackerel are finally here.

Took the boat down to the lower bay for a few days to try Cobia & Shark fishing.  Caught lots of Shark but very few Cobia.  We saw a school of large Cobia on top of the water the lasy day that we were casting live bait to but they just weren’t hungry.  Fished from homeport leaving from Coan River Marina yesterday with a group from Amherst County that my son Matthew works with.  It sure was good having Matthew back on the boat for the day after all those years of being my Mate.  It was like old times!   We caught Red Drum, Blues, a keeper Rockfish, and Spanish Mackerel.  We’ve been waiting all summer for the good eating Spanish Mackerel to arrive and they got here in time for Matthew’s group.   The weather is cooler now so give me a call and book your charter to go after the Spanish while they are here which should be through September.  Tight lines,  David

Matthew can still net the big ones!

Current Fishing News

It’s been really hot on the land but it’s been cooler on the water.  We’ve had some nice breezes and it hasn’t been unpleasant on the charters.  This week onboard the Bay Quest we have caught Red Drum, Bluefish, and an occasional Rockfish.  I haven’t had a group to want to target the bottomfish but they are here also.    Many thanks for those of you that have gone fishing or on a dinner cruise with me and hope you’ll call me again.