Excellent Day of Fishing

Today we caught about 30 shark, 3o+ bluefish, and a half a dozen Spanish Mackerel.  The shark weighed 5 to 20 lbs each.  Plenty of action even though we didn’t see any Cobia today.  I know the Cobia are out there because I heard of some caught a couple of days ago.  I have this Sunday & Wednesday open if you want to go fishing down around the Bay Bridge Tunnel. Call 804-366-5050(cell) or 804-529-6725.



Available Days for Shark/Cobia

There are still spots available on the July 27th Open Boat leaving from Horn Harbor Marina in Port Haywood–$115/person.  Other days open for a regular charter leaving from that location are July 26,29,& 31st.  Don’t miss out on this annual relocation of the Bay Quest to go fishing for the huge cobia and sharks.  804-529-6725 or cell 804-366-5050,

26 Red Drum Caught Today

We’ve had lots of different species brought on board the Bay Quest this week.  Some groups wanted to bottom fish only, some wanted the blues and today’s charter wanted to hook & release the trophy Red Fish.  The Red Drum are here now and we caught 26 today and they were all big fish with one being a citation.  There is going to be plenty of action with the Drum during the next couple of weeks because they seem plentiful.  I have some good days available so get your group together and let’s go fishing!


Open Boat Friday, July 27–Cobia/Shark–Leaving from Horn Harbor Marina

I am taking the Bay Quest down the bay the end of July to go fishing for Cobia and Shark.  We’ll be leaving from Horn Harbor Marina in Mathews County at 6:30 a.m. and cruising down to the Bay Bridge Tunnel/Atlantic Ocean each day.  Cobia and Shark are both good eating.  The Cobia have been running up to 50 lbs and the Shark are 4 to 5 ft long.  We’ll be catching Dog Sharks and the meat is really white and quite good.  That species is unlimited so you can keep what you catch.  The cost for the Open Boat is $115 a person and I’m cutting it off at 10 people.  Email or call 804-529-6725  if you are game for the adventure.

Beat the Heat — Go Fishing!

The heat has finally let up and hopefully fishing will continue to improve.  I’m still on the hunt for Bluefish and Red Drum.  We caught nice size Croaker, Whiting, Bluefish, some Sea Bass and also had some keeper Grey Trout.  Charter bookings are slow which still amazes me since the fuel prices have come down.  For the price per person it’s a very reasonable option for a lot of fun plus you get to take home good fresh Chesapeake Bay seafood.  Just a reminder about the Shark & Cobia fishing coming up later on in the month down the Bay leaving from Horn Harbor Marina in Port Haywood.  Give me a call to book your charter.  804-529-6725.

Even though it's hot we still are able to find enough breeze to curl the flag.