Slow Fishing Week

I didn’t have many charter bookings this week so I don’t have a lot to report.  I guess people knew in advance it was going to be so hot & decided they needed to stay indoors.  This morning it was actually too windy to go into the bay so we stayed in calm waters and caught lots of small Bluefish, Spot, & Flounder.  I really want to get into the Bay and explore for the big Red Drum.   Everything has been later this year but this past hot, hot week is what we needed to get us on track & I’m looking for fishing to improve.

Open Boat Day On Sept. 14

Saturday, September 14th, will be the next open boat day.  The cost is $100 a person and includes the mate’s tip.  Just bring your lunch/beverage. Will try to limit to approximately 10 people.  By reservation only and must be paid in advance to hold your space.  We will leave Coan River Marina in Lottsburg, VA at 6:30 a.m. and will return between 2-3 p.m.  Email or call if you want to go or if you  need more information.

Nice Weather & Fishing.

Fished for Rockfish & Spot the first part of the week before taking the boat down the bay for the week of Cobia &  Shark.  We have caught plenty of Smooth Dog Shark, Bluefish, & Whiting.  We have seen 5 ft Cobia around the boat each day but we have yet to snag any.   I still have open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday fishing out of Horn Harbor Marina before I bring the boat back home to Lottsburg so if you are interested in a charter please give me a call.   The shark fishing in itself is exciting and they are great fighters.


More Fishing Photos

Rockfish in the morning and bottomfishing in the afternoon this past week.  It’s been easy to catch a big cooler of Spot.   Hoping to have some cobia and red drum photos for you next week.  We still have a couple of days open for the Cobia Fishing down the bay July 6 – 12.  The cost is $675 for those charters for the first 6 people and only charging $50 for each extra person over 6 this year.  Get your friends and family together for a day of fishing!