Open Boat Day–Friday, May 15th

The first open boat day for the charter season which will began on April 18th is Friday, May 15th.  The cost on the open boat day will be $100 a person which includes the mate’s tip & is limited to 10 passengers.  May 15th is the last day of the Rockfish Trophy Season.  During the Trophy Season we can keep one fish per person that is 28-36 inches or 40 inches & over.  I caught a lot of big fish commercial netting as the fish migrated up the river so I am looking for some really nice size fish as they come back down.  The regular Rockfish season begins on May 16 where we can keep 2 fish per person. Give me a call or email to book your charter.

The Rockfish Have Arrived!

The Rockfish arrived this week, as well, as the ospreys which is a good sign also. The Bay Quest’s 2015 charter season begins on April 18th so please contact me if you are interested in booking a charter.  As you know the weekends are the first to go so if the weekend is the only time you can plan a charter please don’t delay getting on the books this year. Capt. Dave

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