Reds, Blues & Macks!

DSC00424DSC00429Ernie with Big Red!DSC00423DSC00428This past week we had some pretty weather and some good fishing.  In addition to the red drum, bluefish, spot, & croaker, the Spanish mackerel arrived this week right on time.   Boy, are they a pretty fish! Thanks to everyone who fished with me this week.  I had a couple of days of some of my West Virginia friends back…Gary Morris and the guys. They had a really good time pulling in the drum in the mornings and then going after the blues. I also want to say thanks to Kevin Flippo, Penny, Amanda, Randy & Shannon from Richmond for fishing with me today.  We ended up with  40 bluefish and 9 Spanish and I hope everyone had a good time.  Next week I have several days open and also next Sunday, August 2nd.  The blues, mackerels, and bottomfish  are  a good size for all ages to handle so it’s a good time to take a kid fishing before they have to go back to school.  Of course, hooking and releasing the monster drum while they are here is a good choice also.  It’s just the best of both worlds right now in the fishing arena!   Just let me know if you want to get in on the action.  Dave

2 thoughts on “Reds, Blues & Macks!”

  1. We had such a wonderful time fishing yesterday. The weather was great and we caught a lot of good fish. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks. Shannon & Randy

  2. Once again Dave you came through for me (Kevin). Penny and Amanda had a great time also. We all look forward to fishing with you again.

    Kevin, Penny and Amanda

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