Calm Seas & Good Fishing

Hurricane Bill was thankfully  going to have no effect on us up here on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay but it was hard to convince my parties the last couple of days to come.  Two weekend charters cancelled thanks to the Weather Channel.  It was slick calm both days and the captains that fished had wonderful catches.  Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel & all kinds of bottomfish were caught.  

I want to say “Thank You” to my summer mate, Jordon Strickler, who is returning to college.  He will be a sophomore at Ferrum and I know he will do well again this year. 

I enjoyed having a long time customer, Cornell Walker and his family and friends fish with me this past week.  Here’s photos of Cornell’s grandson. We caught blues, mackerel, and spot. 

 DSC00524 DSC00525

Blues, Drum, Rockfish & Croaker

Fishing still remains good.  We’re catching Bluefish, Mackerel, Red Drum, Croaker and even had a couple keeper Rockfish.  I’ve chummed, trolled and bottomfished.  Many thanks to a lot of good people who fished with me and hope to see you again soon.  I have lots of available days and the fishing is good so get a group together and come on down.  Dave

Members of Bethesda Fire Soccer Team Enjoying the AfternoonBrian Tilbury with Grandson Nick and fellow Bethesda Fire Soccer Teammates Seth, Josh & James.

That's a keeper!
That's a keeper!

Kids of All Ages Enjoying A Sunday Outing…..

Mate Jordan Prepares for the Day As the Sun Rises

  Mate Jordan Prepares for the Day As the Sun Rises

If you've ever fought a Bluefish you'd know why the BIG smile!!!!

  If you’ve ever fought a Bluefish you’d know why the BIG smile!!!!

Might look small but it's a keeper!



Now That's a Handful! 

Now That’s a Handful!

Perry Quarles and his family/friends enjoyed a full day of fishing…we did it all.  We started the morning as the sun was coming up and were able to catch blues and mackerel right away.  After a good catch we shifted gears and went Red Drum fishing.  We struck ’em before the stormfront came through and as you can see they were 20 – 30 lb fish.  Wanted to get a photo of the total catch for the day but the storm ran us off the dock.  Thanks Perry, Chris, James, Reggie, Reggie II, Devon and Justin.  (That’s the way to do it…take the youngsters fishing and showing them what’s the Ches. Bay has to offer!)

Reds, Blues & Macks!

DSC00424DSC00429Ernie with Big Red!DSC00423DSC00428This past week we had some pretty weather and some good fishing.  In addition to the red drum, bluefish, spot, & croaker, the Spanish mackerel arrived this week right on time.   Boy, are they a pretty fish! Thanks to everyone who fished with me this week.  I had a couple of days of some of my West Virginia friends back…Gary Morris and the guys. They had a really good time pulling in the drum in the mornings and then going after the blues. I also want to say thanks to Kevin Flippo, Penny, Amanda, Randy & Shannon from Richmond for fishing with me today.  We ended up with  40 bluefish and 9 Spanish and I hope everyone had a good time.  Next week I have several days open and also next Sunday, August 2nd.  The blues, mackerels, and bottomfish  are  a good size for all ages to handle so it’s a good time to take a kid fishing before they have to go back to school.  Of course, hooking and releasing the monster drum while they are here is a good choice also.  It’s just the best of both worlds right now in the fishing arena!   Just let me know if you want to get in on the action.  Dave Continue reading Reds, Blues & Macks!

Red Hot Redfishing!


Citation Redfish(Red Drum)


 Welcome to the new Bay Quest Charters Fishing Updates! I wanted to have a way to share fishing news and photos of recent catches and what better way to start off than with a citation.  Yesterday, Robin & Sue Gill hooked and released 14 Red Drum & the one above was a 47″ Citation.  These fish are great fighters and Sue is an avid angler who knew just what to do to get in this monster. In addition to the drum we had a good day bluefishing.  Thanks Robin & Sue for fishing with me.

The Red Drum will be here for at least another month so give me a call so you can get in on the action.  Blues, croaker  & spot are running and the Spanish Mackerel have just arrived.  Fishing can’t get any better than this!

Charter fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean