Rockfishing is Still Excellent

It’s been no problem catching nice Stripers chumming using lite tackle .  There have been some good catches of Bluefish & Cobia also &  the spotter planes have seen schools of the big Red Drum heading my way so it won’t be long until we’ll start going after those as well.

Cobia Success

I took my son and daughter-in-law fishing for Cobia & we couldn’t have asked for a better day of fishing. Lots of action and they’ll be having Cobia steaks for a good while.  We saw more Cobia than I have seen in several years.

Stripers on Lite Tackle

Chumming for Rockfish is excellent but I am looking ahead for some Cobia, Red Drum, & Bluefish charters.  If you are interested please call me at 804-366-5050 to set up your charter.  They won’t be here all summer so you need to get your day reserved now while the fishing is hot.


Light tackle Striper Fishing

I have switched over to chumming so we can use light tackle which is a great experience for all ages.  You get a great fight and there’s is more action on the angler’s part working the line.  We have had good results as you can see from today’s charter.   I have a lot of open days and even some weekends so get your friends & family together to experience some good times on the bay.